From a Father to His Daughter

Mardy's Sweet Potato Pie is recipe shared between a father and his daughter. The last time Tiffany saw her father Melvin; also known as Mardy alive, he was in her kitchen in Las Vegas, Nevada making pies. He expressed he desired to put his recipe in bottles and sell it on the grocery stores. Three years after her father passed away, Tiffany felt the charge to bring her father's vision to life.

The batter is provided in a bottle giving you the opportunity to be creative. You can use the crust of your choice, or use the batter for other pastries like cakes, cookies and cheesecake. This batter can also be used to make pancakes, waffles and cinnamon rolls. Allow us to provide all of the flavor, with none of the work.

  • Rachel L.

    Tiffany, I just had my first taste and it brought tears to my eyes. It took me back over 30 years to when I still had all of family and my life was good as we sat around the dinner table during the holidays fighting over who gets the last slice. :)

    You captured love and family in a bottle, lady!

    Thank you to you and your Dad both!

  • Mike B.

    I consider myself to be a sweet potato pie expert. I've had pies that were supposed to be the "best". They were good, but not great. Mardy's Sweet Potato Pie is the best I've ever had. It's the perfect blend of sweet and richness. Don't waste your money on other brands, this is the only one you need. YUM!!!!!!

  • Stephanie H.

    I've made my own sweet potato pies for decades using my mother's recipe. It's a family favorite and I never imagined I could buy something that would taste as good as my very own homemade pie, but Mardy's Sweet Potato Pie is it. Not only is it a breeze to make…just pour it into your pie shell, but it is smooth and the sweetness is just right. My family loved it. It’s a keeper.